5 Reasons to Ski Whistler, British Columbia

Are you looking for the next adrenaline high? Searching for the perfect peak to plummet down in the snow? If so, look no further. Whistler, British Columbia is the premier Canadian ski destination. With many full-time professionals making Whistler their home year-round, you will be eager to see what draws these avid skiers to the slopes. Included here are a few reasons to choose Whistler for your next ski destination.



Nestled in the Coast Mountains, Whistler is the first to get hit with the Pacific storms rolling over the mountains. This means they have some of the earliest and longest lasting snowfall. Averaging 38.5 feet of snow per year, Whistler is no stranger to deep powder. For these reasons, many professional skiers and boarders have taken up permanent residency in Whistler.



Nobody wants to get stuck skiing the same slope day in and day out. When visiting Whistler you will have over 8,100 acres of snow covered terrain to traverse in your time here. Boasting world-class tree riding, steep couloirs, open powder bowls, freestyle courses and glaciers, Whistler is the real “complete package.”

Two Mountains
Whistler is actually home to two mountains, Blackcomb and Whistler. These two peaks are linked by the “Peak2Peak” gondola, offering easy access to skiers and boarders. With over a mile elevation drop on each mountain you are sure to be riding the slopes more than the lifts. There are over 200 runs on these mountains, as well as 37 lifts. There are five different parks and pipes for freestyle, so there is truly something for every kind of mountain lover.


Tree Shelter
With plenty of forest lower down on the slopes, you will have the opportunity to delve deeper into tree riding. A high adrenaline, extremely focused sport, tree riding demands intense coordination and focus while on the slopes. When weather is clear the open powder bowls on the top of the mountain offer premier skiing. However, when the snow begins to dump, heading down into the trees can offer you shelter as well as better visibility. The snow in the trees may also remain fluffier because it is protected from the sun and wind.


Village Atmosphere
Whistler is not the kind of ski town that shuts down in the summer. If you do choose to live in Whistler year-round, there is a thriving community to invite you in. The village is at the base of the ski resort and offers all the best amenities, including cafes, restaurants, a cinema, climbing gym and theatre. Whistler has plenty of festivals to keep you entertained year-round, including: the Arc’teryx Deep Winter Photography Competition, Whistler Film Festival, and World Ski and Snowboard Festival.

Three Things Everyone Should Do To Help Avoid Sports Injuries

Whether you are a seasoned athlete, just getting started, or you just like to workout out once in a while, there are certain things you need to do both before and after your workout. Just getting out there and running for it isn’t the right way to go.


Fitness is great for your body, and for your heart health, but doing things wrong can cause injuries that keep you off the field or court and may even require surgery. Why risk it when you can be better prepared not to get injured?


Warm Up


Not only should you start out your routine with a warm up, but that warm up should also include some stretching. If you are heading out for a jog make sure that you stretch your leg muscles well to help loosen them up.


Your warm up routine should be a slow progression that not only warms up your muscles, but also helps raise your heartrate at a more even and easy pace.


Cool Down


Just like warming up, you want to ease back into a relaxed state after your routine. Your cool down will somewhat resemble your warm up, just opposite.


If you’ve been running don’t just stop running. Instead, slow down to a jog first, then a walk. When your heart rate and breathing come back to normal you are good to go. Although, you should do some more stretches now to make sure that your muscles don’t tighten up.


Get A Massage


Your final step, which isn’t just a luxury contrary to some beliefs, is to get an awesome sports massage. Sports massage should be a regular part of your routine, and your therapist can suggest how often you schedule a massage, depending on how often you workout or play sports.


According to Zen Massage, getting sports massage not only helps you heal faster, but it also allows you to get back into the game sooner. Don’t wait until an injury gets you down though, enjoy the benefits of massage even when you’re feeling great.


Now that you know what you need to do to in order to keep your muscles happy when you are busy playing sports and working out, you can have more fun on the court or field and get out there more.


If you’ve ever suffered from a sports or fitness related injury you know that it can really mess things up. Why not take just a few easy precautions to lessen your chances of getting hurt?


An injury can have you off your feet, or at least off the field. A bad injury could put you on crutches or in a wheelchair and keep your from your favorite sport or your fitness routine permanently.

Creating A Low Maintenance Golf Course

Let’s face it, golf courses can be expensive to maintain. Their size and the level of care required to keep fairways, greens, bunkers and all the other course features up to scratch means costs can quickly mount up. Fortunately, as long as you’re savvy, it is possible to create a low-maintenance course, and here are some simple tips to help you along the way.

Opt for synthetic turf

Natural grass certainly still has its place on the golf course, but a rising number of organizations are switching onto the benefits of using synthetic turf. As artificial grass specialists Tiger Turf point out, these solutions need minimal care in order to maintain their quality and appearance. They require no watering, mowing, seeding, aerating, weeding, fertilizing or edging. This makes them significantly cheaper and easier to look after.

As an added bonus, they can be used year round because they are not affected by extreme temperatures. Also, unlike natural grass, which can only be grown in the right soil and light conditions, they can be used anywhere. If you opt for these alternatives to traditional turf, you can rest assured that your course will look good come rain or shine, and you’ll hardly have to do anything to keep it in tiptop condition.

Synthetic turf is especially useful for golf greens, which are notoriously hard to tend to. The grass remains at the perfect length and blemish free at all times. This can make the day-to-day running of your course much easier.

Ensure your course is easy to mow

Meanwhile, any areas of natural grass that you do opt to include should be easy to mow. Ideally, your mowers will be able to manoeuvre around your course quickly and easily, and this may mean removing some trees and other obstructions. As well as helping to make cutting your grass easier, removing unnecessary trees and bushes will help to increase the natural light that reaches your course, which in turn will help to keep your turf healthy.

Settle for a small number of bunkers

Bunkers can make a great addition to golf courses, but if your priority is to create a low-maintenance course, don’t be tempted to include too many. After all, raking and edging these features can be a time consuming and therefore costly process. So, when you’re planning your course, it’s best to settle for a relatively small number of bunkers. There’s also the option of converting certain areas into waste bunkers, which don’t require raking and are much easier to maintain.

Steer clear of collars

Another simple way to save money is to omit collars from your course design. These rings of turf, which surround greens and are somewhere between the grass height of greens and fairways, may be an attractive feature, but they’ll add to your employees’ workload.

As long as you bear issues like these in mind, you shouldn’t struggle to create a low-maintenance golf course.


How to Avoid Common Baseball Injuries

Many of us grew up playing baseball, whether being taught as a child, with out friends and family on a sunny afternoon, or competitively in an organized league. It’s been America’s favourite pastime for decades and continues to be a fun way to bring people together. Though not much of a contact sport, there are still plenty of ways to get injured while playing baseball, many having to do with performing techniques incorrectly. There are lots of ways to avoid common injuries with a little practice and patience.


Throwing the baseball, pitching specifically, is a maneuver where a lot of little things can wrong if done incorrectly. Elbows, wrists, back, and even leg injuries can occur if a player isn’t careful. Have a coach or trainer demonstrate and observe your pitching as closely as possible so they can give you tips on how to improve. You can never learn too much about proper pitching technique.

One of the most important ways to stay injury-free while pitching is to know your limits. Injuries occur more often when you push yourself too much. Focus on age-appropriate pitches and make sure you’re being rotated into different positions. Don’t pitch for consecutive days and adhere to pitch count guidelines. Little things like communicating about any pain or weariness you’re experiencing could save you from a bad shoulder or elbow injury.


A lot of different injuries are possible when hitting because each swing is unpredictable—they change based on every pitch. Muscle strains, meniscus tears, and hand or wrist injuries can appear out of nowhere. All it takes is one wrong swing.

Form is important when it comes to hitting. A muscle around the rib cage could easily be strained when trying to hit a 95mph fastball sloppily. Comparing your swing to the pros is a great way to look for ways to improve your technique. Stances should be firmly grounded when getting ready to swing with more weight on the back foot to retain control. Keep a relaxed grip on the bat to avoid tense elbows that could strain when swinging. Focus on stance and form to have a smoother, lower-risk swing when hitting the ball.


Many baseball-related injuries come from players not knowing the correct way to slide into a base. This usually results in a lot of ankle sprains and strains. There are a few different types of slides and it’s important to know which one should be used in a particular play. For the most basic feet-first slide, keep your core tight so your entire body is supported. Never throw your arms back or let them drag on the ground when you go into your slide or you could wind up with serious shoulder or wrist injuries.

The bases themselves can pose a hazard to sliding players as most of them are bolted to the ground, creating a painful obstacle for the runner. Safety-release bases have a mechanism that allows them to be dislodged from their position when a player slides. Studies have shown that there can be up to a 95% decrease in injuries when safety-release bases are used instead of standard ones. These are great tools to use when working on sliding, but practicing is the best way to avoid injuries and perfect the right technique

How To Improve Your Baseball Swing

Baseball is one of the backbones of American society. It has been among the most popular sports in the US for many years, and thousands of people partake every single week. With that in mind, we thought you could do with some handy tips that might improve your game. Working on your swing is important if you want to make a name for yourself on the field, and so now is the best time to increase your education. Believe it or not, the field is not the only place you can get some expert guidance. There are lots of articles online like this one that are well worth a read. We are certain you will have some excellent new tips by the end of this post, so let’s get down to it.


Take a small step forward as you start to swing


One of the best tips anyone will give you with a view to increasing power involves taking a step forward as you start to swing. That will help to make sure you are balanced properly at the moment the ball hits your bat. You need to step into the swing to ensure you exert the most force possible at the moment your bat strikes.


Keep your hands close to your body


Whether you’re playing with other people or using a pitching machine, you need to keep your arms and hands close to your body. Your hand nearest to the top of the bat should have its palm facing up at the moment you make contact. If that isn’t happening when you play baseball, you’re simply getting it wrong. Take a moment to look online at a few videos. You will soon realize that all the top players use that technique.


Buy the right bat


It might sound obvious, but you’re never going to have an amazing baseball swing without the right bat. While there are thousands of different models to choose from, you need something similar to those used by the professionals. The 2015 Easton MAKO BBCOR is very popular among expert players at the current time, but you just have to look at what your favorite baseball stars are using. It’s always worth paying a little more for a product worthy of the price tag.


Always follow through


You’re never going to hit a ball with the utmost power if you fail to follow through. Ideally, your hands should finish high so the bat stays in the hitting zone for as long as it can. If you finish below the shoulder, your ball isn’t going to travel as far if you manage to hit it. Also, it’s important you don’t forget that your entire body should be facing the pitcher. No professionals play to the side.


We hope you now have enough information to make a real difference to your swing. Don’t forget to check back here soon for some more excellent advice. At the end of the day, practice makes perfect. So, you just need to get out on the field with your local team as much as possible. That is the best way to improve your swing.

5 Common Myths About Supplements

If you’re an avid gym-goer or on the quest to improve your health, it’s highly likely that you’ll have come across a host of speculations regarding nutritional supplements. With a multitude of products promising to deliver fat-free muscle mass and a slimmer waistline, distinguishing fact from fiction can be tricky business. To set yourself on the right path towards achieving your fitness goals, it’s important to learn the truth behind the hearsay. To clear-up some of the widespread myths regarding supplements, let’s take a look at some of the most common misconceptions:


  1. All supplements are the same quality


A frequent mistake that people make is thinking that all supplements are much of a muchness, when the truth is far from it. In fact, the quality can vary considerably from one item to another. Occasionally, amateur companies will try to lure fitness-enthusiasts with cheaper products and misleading labels that guarantee unrealistic results. Rather than making a purchase based on price or packaging, try researching best-selling brands and always buy from an established provider. Nutritional experts like Monster Supplements offer a range of quality products to help you make the most of your diet and exercise programme.


  1. I don’t need to exercise or eat healthily if I use supplements


As the name suggests, supplements should be taken in addition to a well-rounded diet and fitness programme. Many people who are looking to build muscle or improve their health are often lead to wrongly believe that they can forgo exercise and forget about healthy eating if they regularly consume a nutrient-packed shake. The truth is, these powders, pills and bars serve to boost your efforts – not replace them. Your body should get the majority of the nutrients it requires from eating the right foods. Supplements are intended to support your exercise and healthy-eating efforts and help you realise your health and fitness goals.


However, while these products cannot replace a balanced diet, they can help you attain certain nutritional needs that cannot be met with food alone, especially if you’re undertaking a vigorous fitness programme.


  1. They have the same effect on everyone


Each individual responds differently to supplements. It may be that your gym-buddy is seeing great results while you have failed to make any progress, despite the fact that you’re using the same product. Age, health, lifestyle and training intensity can all have an impact on the way in which our body reacts to certain ingredients. Athletes and bodybuilders will each have their own training regimes and dietary restrictions, so it’s worthwhile carrying out a little research to determine which type of supplement will best suit your needs.


It may also be worthwhile checking with your GP to ensure that the product you are using is compatible with your health.


  1. It doesn’t matter when I take my supplement


Cramming supplements into your body at any given time is a common mistake made by people who want to bulk up quickly. In fact, timing is highly relevant if you want to bolster your chances of achieving your dream body. For example, fitness professionals will often recommend that whey protein is consumed immediately before or after a workout, whereas slow-acting proteins like casein should be taken before bed to help the body recover. Carrying out some research into the common ingredients found in supplements and learning how they affect the body will help you to exploit certain properties.


Whether you’re weightlifting or concentrating on cardio, how and when you take your supplement will also depend on your specific workout routine. To ensure that you achieve optimum results, you may want to consult a health and fitness professional who can help you draw up a schedule.


  1. Using supplements won’t make a difference



While a balance of regular physical activity and a nourishing diet can be enough to keep you fit and healthy, supplements can help hard-training athletes and bodybuilders enhance the effects of exercise and achieve a more defined physique. Not only are supplements associated with muscle growth and fat loss, they can also supply your body with a variety of nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids and botanicals, which help to repair and rebuild muscle and maximise performance. Providing your body with these dietary essentials, whether that be vitamins, proteins or omega-3, will help to boost your immune system and improve your overall health.


However, while supplements can reap numerous health benefits, they are not miracle-working formulas that will transform you into a brawny muscle-machine overnight. If you fail to put effort into your workouts or have a poor diet, you are unlikely to see the results that you want.


All systems go as Nissan auto sales soar in Saudi Arabia

Japanese car giant Nissan continues to make substantial inroads into the Saudi Arabian auto sales market, latest figures released suggest.


Around the world, Nissan car dealerships have played a huge part in the iconic car company’s incredible success story.


This was underlined in Saudi Arabia when the company announced a partnership with its new authorized dealer, Alissa Auto, in September 2013.


Since then, sales have soared to 25,000 units and 15,641 units in the first quarter of 2014, catapulting Nissan to third market position among the Kingdom’s top auto brands. The market share has climbed to 8 percent – up from 1.3 percent in the same period last year.


Record Sales


Across the wider Middle East, Nissan achieved record sales of 196,885 vehicles in the 2013 financial year, a 23.1 percent increase compared to 2012. This same record results registered March as the highest sales month in the company’s history reaching 28,900 units in the region.


In addition, overall market share grew from 8.9 percent to 10.3 percent over the 12-month period.


Nissan says it is confident of building on this success in the current financial year with a further jump in regional market share to 12 percent. Retail sales are projected to increase by 20.9 percent to around 237, 988 units.


Soaring Success


Announcing the 2013 annual results, Nissan Middle East’s managing director Samir Cherfan said its soaring success was a result of Nissan Power 88 – an extensive global midterm plan that includes a commitment to significantly boost the product line-up and a drive to increase Nissan’s brand power and awareness.


And he added, “The momentum will be more than maintained – it will escalate over the next 12 months and beyond. Our ever-expanding line-up will continue to mirror the creative best of Nissan. Success cannot be achieved without outstanding dealership partners and our network is truly exceptional. The Middle East is a pivotal market for Nissan and we are totally committed to it.”


Unsurprisingly, the Nissan Patrol also notched record numbers over the period with 25,168 units leaving the region’s showroom floors, a 53 percent hike on the 2012 financial year.




Alissa Auto chairman Najeeb Alissa said, “What we are doing in cooperation with Nissan is changing the way people think of the auto industry in the Kingdom. This is reflected in the public’s purchase consideration growing by 28 percent, achieving the second brand position in the market.


“To capitalize on this, we are focusing on the sales network expansion, spare parts coverage and service coverage. Our priority is to make Nissan Parts and Services within the reach of all our customers in the Kingdom in the shortest time span.”


Sales network expansion is expected to provide 60 percent coverage by next month, with full coverage achieved by March 2015. Spare parts will reach full coverage by July 2014, via 59 parts outlets, and service coverage is expected to be at 70 percent in July 2014, with full national coverage slated for March 2015.


Nissan emphasized its commitment to offering exceptional service in Saudi Arabia and has developed a strategy based on a direct local presence, strong product line-up, enhancing the brand and retail experience and top level quality customer service.

Baseball Pitching Machines: The Advantages

If you are someone that wants to improve their baseball skills then you’ll find that there are lots of ways that you can do this. Of course the most obvious way is to join a team and practice with them as much as possible. Whilst this is really great it does limit the times that you can practice – after all, your team isn’t like to be playing 24 hours a day. One of the best ways around this problem is to look at investing in a baseball pitching machine and work on your techniques that way. Continue reading Baseball Pitching Machines: The Advantages

Playing Cricket Safely and with Confidence

No matter what level of cricket you are playing it is essential that you wear protective equipment. Cricket can be a dangerous game and injuries can occur from time to time, but if you have the right protective gear then it will greatly reduce the chance of sustaining a serious injury. Protective clothing will include leg pads, a box, elbow pads, gloves and a high quality helmet.


The batsmen should wear all of this equipment to protect themselves if the ball strikes them, but it is also important that the fielding team wears protective gear. This is particularly true if they are positioned anywhere near the wicket, as often shots can be played straight at a close fielder and they will not have much time to react. It is certainly better to be safe than sorry as the ball is solid and can travel at amazing speeds. Even with protective clothing on you will sometimes see cricketers suffer a blow, but the protective equipment will dramatically reduce any impact. Wearing this equipment may feel heavy and uncomfortable at first, but over time you will get used to it and it will not have an impact on your playing abilities. In time it will also allow you to play with more confidence as you know that you are well protected.


Protecting your Head, Face and Ears


The helmet will be the most important investment to make. As with a lot of sports and activities, it is essential that you protect your head, face and ears as a lot of damage could be done to these areas. Any cricket helmet will need to meet UK and Australian helmet standard. This will consist of a hard outer shell with diffusing padding inside and extra protection around the temples. In addition, a well constructed grille and peak are also essential. For the best brands and high quality helmets you will want to shop at cricket specialists, including Talent Cricket and other similar companies. These places will carry a range of types and sizes and will all have well constructed grilles to protect the face and mouth.


Cricket can be dangerous at times, and especially for batsmen and any player positioned near the wicket. When the batsmen and close fielders wear high quality protective equipment they can have the confidence to play the game without fear of serious injury, making it fun and enjoyable for everyone involved.

The significance of Possessing A Weekend Bag Within your Collection

weekend bag infographic

Presented By Peter Millar

Including a weekend bag for your assortment, can be an extremely wise decision. This is the right addition for anyone who goes on weekend trips or travels regularly. They are just the proper dimension to hold only the necessities required to your getaway. A lot of designers are choosing to add these pieces to their collections, and lots of are deciding on to offer them at a realistic price making them accessible for everybody.

Bags are available in a number of variations, ranging from tote to leather. Correct now leather bags are the most desirable and in demand design of bag. They may be just the best dimension to accommodate any toiletries, clothes and add-ons that you may decide to get in addition to you. They can be also massive enough to carry a laptop, cellular phone or every other electronics that you wouldn’t desire to leave behind.