3 Essential Traveling Tools For Sport Addicts


There is something about sports which can draw people from all walks of life to a common calling. In many ways, it is a great social leveler, whether we are talking about playing or watching.

And even though the cost of attending sport live is increasing, going along to a game means you could quite easily find yourself sitting next to a fishmonger, a store clerk, a chartered surveyor, or a stockbroker. And the one thing you can be sure of is that you will be standing by their side singing the same songs, cheering the same things, and shouting at the referee using the same curse words.

Of course, not all of us can watch live sport for a myriad of different reasons. Cost is a factor for some, but often people live a long way from the team they support, have other responsibilities which have to take priority, or have to travel.

For me, the later has been what has kept me away from games, with my work taking me all over the world and meaning I am lucky to get to more than a handful of games a year.

Then of course there is playing sport and staying fit. For me, this can be a real problem as my job doesn’t always see me spending time in nice hotels with gyms. Yet, I like to stay in shape and when I am at home, I sometimes turn out for my local amateur side, even though I am getting a bit long in the tooth for it these days.

Many people ask me how a sports fanatic like me manages to watch games and stay in shape when I am constantly on the road. Actually, it’s not as hard as it may at first glance appear.

Modern technology means that there are now various bits of equipment and software which are custom designed for people in my position. But which are the best?

In this article I am going to give you my run-down of the 3 essential travelling tools for sports addicts.

  1. TRX

If you haven’t come across TRX before, you will soon be wondering how come. TRX is a manufacturer that has created a range of portable fitness equipment.

It is a brilliant lightweight bit of kit that is affordably priced and can be packed up in your suitcase and taken anywhere with you. What is more it takes no more than 60 seconds to set up, and can be used pretty much anywhere; indoors or outside.

Their Suspension training equipment is custom designed to enable users to do a complete workout and they also offer various workout guides you can use to inspire your regime.

For the travelling fitness fan, it really is a revelation and I cannot speak highly enough of them.

  1. A Foam Roller:

For travelers, a foam roller is another great bit of kit. They are very affordable, and also light and easy to transport.

They are also a multi-purpose tool which allow users to do various different floor exercises which can focus on strength or stamina training.

However, they come in especially useful when working on muscles. They can help to stretch and relax muscles and some also deliver a massage-type effect to muscles. After long flights, this can be an absolute godsend as frequent flying can lead to muscles seizing up; not idea for sporty types and fitness fanatics.

Tim Ferriss is just one of a number of prominent entrepreneurs who travel with one, and I strongly recommend you do too.

  1. A VPN:

That’s enough about doing sport. Lets now turn to watching sport, as no sports addicts wants to be missing out on their favorite game, no matter where in the world you are.

Fortunately, modern technology means that pretty much all top level sport is broadcast these days. And if your team is even half-decent, the likelihood is that their games are being shown on TV. The issue for travelers is usually geo-restriction.

Sports broadcasters only sign rights deals for certain countries which means they have to block people streaming content from overseas.

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is a tool that helps you get around that. Much of the hype around VPNs is based around their online security and privacy benefits. These are great of course, but for sports fan, their main benefit is that they allow you to switch your IP Address to one based in another country.

This means that you can tune into your regular sports broadcaster and watch their coverage regardless of where in the world you are. Whether in Ulan Batar, Timbuktu, or Peru, there is now no reason to miss your teams big game.

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