5 Aspects of Fencing That Make It a Great Sport

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Competitive fencing is one of the oldest and noblest sports. In fact, did you know that ballet started in Italy as a variety of fencing? The art of fencing itself started over five hundred years ago in Spain among the upper classes. Using small swords, competitors were judged and given points according to how well people dueled. Today, competitive fencing is separated into three main subcategories having to do with different weapon varieties. There is the foil variety, which is the most common and requires a thin – almost cylindrical sword – and a handle at the base. Then you have the sabre and epee, which are both smaller sword varieties and allow for a competitor to strike with the side of the blade. Here are five aspects of fencing that make it a great sport.

  1. It is an active sport. Fencing is a great sport, because it allows for a lot of concentrated physical activity. If you are looking for an excuse to get more exercise, taking up fencing is a great way to stick to a fitness routine, especially if you join a team. For parents, convincing your children to sign up for fencing is a great way for them to get up off the couch and do something fun and worthwhile with their time.
  2. It boosts decision-making skills. Fencing is a little bit like chess, you have to very quickly know what your next move is going to be. This can be a great way to build your decision making skill set. For children, this can help them make better choices in life, school and interpersonal relationships. For adults, fencing can help them make better decisions in life and in work. Gunning for that promotion? – Perhaps taking fencing courses will improve your performance at work and increase your chances of landing that promotion.
  3. It teaches you to unleash your frustration in a healthy and reserved manner. Fencing can be a great way to let off some steam and to unwind. If you have some pent up frustration and anger, you may want to think about heading to Swordsaxe to pick up some fencing swords. It’s important to remember that you are usually quite protected during a fencing match, so you can actually let go of a lot of anger and frustration without really hurting anyone. Had a frustrating drive home from work? – A stop at your local fencing studio may calm you down.
  4. It allows you to be more social. If you tend to be more of a loner in life, joining a fencing club or studio can allow you to be more social. For children, becoming a part of a fencing club will allow them to meet new friends. These young friendships will be critical for their growth and development.
  5. It helps you succeed in life. Fencing requires you to be focused and to strategize. If you want to improve your quality of life, having more focus can be incredibly beneficial. When it comes to strategizing – fencing can help you find better solutions to vexing problems. In the end, fencing allows someone to explore who they are in a more positive manner, which can ultimately make them strive for bigger and better things in life.

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