5 Tips for Skiing Beginners on Their First Ski Holiday

Many people get intimidated with skiing in fear of embarrassing themselves in front of other, more advanced skiers. Why allow this fear from hindering your enjoyment of a well-loved sport? A skiing holiday is perhaps one of the best ways to enjoy your time off from work to be with your family, since skiing is perfect for adults and kids and can be a great bonding experience. Here is a guide for beginners planning to go on their first ski holiday.

Consider renting ski gear and equipment

Looking good is part of the fun, but you do not have to break the bank especially if it is your first time. If you are going to a Courchevel Ski School in hopes to learn to ski, you have the option to rent ski equipment or borrow gear from friends and family. Skiing gear can be quite expensive, and buying gear right off the bat may be a wasted investment if you realise later on that the sport is not for you.

Choose the right accommodation

Accommodation at a ski resort is plentiful, especially if you choose to stay at a self-catering apartment. However, a self-catering apartment may not be the best choice for a beginner as if it’s your first time staying at a ski resort, it can become quite overwhelming. It is advised to stay at a chalet where you get full service from the resort including your meals, chartered flights and transfers, since this way you can focus on the activities rather than figuring out how to get in and around the resort.

Do not receive instruction from friends and family

Many people learn from friends and family members who have had previous skiing experience. Unfortunately, it is not a good idea to allow your friends or family to teach you. ore often than not, someone who is already experienced will not have the patience to stay with you on the easy slope.

If you want to learn in a safe and controlled environment, book a course from a ski school. Learning with a group of individuals with the same skill level will put you at ease and increase your chances of learning fast.

Be physically fit before your trip

Being in shape will prepare you for the higher altitude and lower temperatures. Skiing is also a physically exhaustive activity, and you will likely have a hard time or lose interest right away if you are out of shape.

You do not need to be incredibly fit to hit the slopes. All you need is some cardio to strengthen your lower body muscles and speed up your heart rate. If you are serious about becoming a competent skier, there are fitness and exercise routines you can try before going on your trip.

Try practicing in an indoor slope

Practicing in an indoor slope can help you overcome your fear of falling down on your first attempt. You can start honing your balancing skills in an indoor slope which pretty much mimics the actual condition you will be on.


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