All systems go as Nissan auto sales soar in Saudi Arabia


Japanese car giant Nissan continues to make substantial inroads into the Saudi Arabian auto sales market, latest figures released suggest.


Around the world, Nissan car dealerships have played a huge part in the iconic car company’s incredible success story.


This was underlined in Saudi Arabia when the company announced a partnership with its new authorized dealer, Alissa Auto, in September 2013.


Since then, sales have soared to 25,000 units and 15,641 units in the first quarter of 2014, catapulting Nissan to third market position among the Kingdom’s top auto brands. The market share has climbed to 8 percent – up from 1.3 percent in the same period last year.


Record Sales


Across the wider Middle East, Nissan achieved record sales of 196,885 vehicles in the 2013 financial year, a 23.1 percent increase compared to 2012. This same record results registered March as the highest sales month in the company’s history reaching 28,900 units in the region.


In addition, overall market share grew from 8.9 percent to 10.3 percent over the 12-month period.


Nissan says it is confident of building on this success in the current financial year with a further jump in regional market share to 12 percent. Retail sales are projected to increase by 20.9 percent to around 237, 988 units.


Soaring Success


Announcing the 2013 annual results, Nissan Middle East’s managing director Samir Cherfan said its soaring success was a result of Nissan Power 88 – an extensive global midterm plan that includes a commitment to significantly boost the product line-up and a drive to increase Nissan’s brand power and awareness.


And he added, “The momentum will be more than maintained – it will escalate over the next 12 months and beyond. Our ever-expanding line-up will continue to mirror the creative best of Nissan. Success cannot be achieved without outstanding dealership partners and our network is truly exceptional. The Middle East is a pivotal market for Nissan and we are totally committed to it.”


Unsurprisingly, the Nissan Patrol also notched record numbers over the period with 25,168 units leaving the region’s showroom floors, a 53 percent hike on the 2012 financial year.




Alissa Auto chairman Najeeb Alissa said, “What we are doing in cooperation with Nissan is changing the way people think of the auto industry in the Kingdom. This is reflected in the public’s purchase consideration growing by 28 percent, achieving the second brand position in the market.


“To capitalize on this, we are focusing on the sales network expansion, spare parts coverage and service coverage. Our priority is to make Nissan Parts and Services within the reach of all our customers in the Kingdom in the shortest time span.”


Sales network expansion is expected to provide 60 percent coverage by next month, with full coverage achieved by March 2015. Spare parts will reach full coverage by July 2014, via 59 parts outlets, and service coverage is expected to be at 70 percent in July 2014, with full national coverage slated for March 2015.


Nissan emphasized its commitment to offering exceptional service in Saudi Arabia and has developed a strategy based on a direct local presence, strong product line-up, enhancing the brand and retail experience and top level quality customer service.

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