Fun Sports for the Disabled!

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Potential athletes of the future try their hand at Paralympic sports today at the ParalympicsGB Sports Fest.

The ParalympicsGB Sports Fest running at the Surrey Sports Park, Guilford on December 3 and 4 2012, is a free event for disabled people giving them the opportunity to try out the different Paralympic sports, find out how to get involved and meet some of our incredible Paralympic medal winners!

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There are various sports that disabled people can get involved in such as cycling. Cycling for the disabled can be accomplished by using modified bikes. For example, tricycles give the best stability and can be modified with special handlebars and seats. In addition, cycles can be modified so that another person can push the cycle, if necessary. Check out Myler Disability soon!

Disability and Myler

Myler Disability began in 1994 and was founded by Brad Myler. Brad wanted to help the disabled with their Social Security appeal cases. Many were in desperate need for Social Security benefits. Brad realized quickly that all they needed was help from a legal professional who understood how to present their cases effectively to Social Security. This company is confident with the services they provide and prove that by not charging anything until your case is won!

What about golf?

Golf is another sport that the disabled can enjoy. Adaptive golf can be performed sitting or standing. There are golf clinics that can teach those with disabilities about adaptive equipment and how to play golf with various disabilities such as hearing, paralysis, limb loss and emotional, mental and intellectual impairments.

Horseback riding can be great fun!

Horseback riding is another sport the disabled can enjoy. Examples of disabled horseback riding are:

• Therapeutic horsemanship
• Equine-assisted therapy. This kind of sport can improve a person’s social, cognitive, physical, sensory and emotional well-being.

Think about paddling sports or Volleyball

Paddling sports is another type of sport the disabled can enjoy. Paddling sports include kayaking, rowing, canoeing and rafting. According to a person’s needs, modifications can be made to make this sport safe and enjoyable. Or, how about sitting volleyball? With sitting volleyball, the game is played the same as stand-up volleyball. The only exception is a shorter net and a smaller court. Snow skiing and swimming is refreshing.

Check out Snow skiing!

Another sport that some disabled enjoy is snow skiing. With the assistance of adaptive equipment, people with all kinds of disabilities can enjoy this outdoor sport.

• Snow skiing can be done standing or sitting.
• Still another sport is swimming.
• Adaptive swimming includes all distances and swim strokes.
• Those who have various disabilities can enjoy swimming; especially those who are deaf, blind and those who have cognitive and physical disabilities.
• Tennis and wheelchair basketball are two other activities that the disabled can enjoy.

Qualifying for Social Security

It is important to note that if you want to qualify for Social Security disability benefits, you must have worked in jobs that are covered by Social Security. In addition, you must have a medical condition that meets the definition of Social Security and disability. To obtain Social Security you must answer the following questions:

• Are you working?
• Is your condition severe?
• Is your condition found in the list of disability conditions?
• Can you do the work you used to do?
• Can you do any other kind work?

To conclude, there are many sports that the disabled can participate and enjoy such as swimming and snow skiing. Find out more about these activities and how to qualify for Social Security.

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