How to Prepare for Your First Fishing Tournament


Fishing is a well-loved hobby, and to a number of people, an enjoyable sport. If you’re a fan of this activity, you would most likely meet a bunch of other connoisseurs in fishing clubs from all over the country. Fishing clubs hold various discussions, events and tournaments that turn fishing as a hobby into sport. It’s only right for you to try your hand on competitive fishing if you’ve always wanted to try it out. But before getting into your very first tournament, you may want to prepare yourself first.


Most of the time, in fishing tournaments, rookie fishers are paired with seasoned veterans. The real challenge you must prepare yourself for is to be a good, if not great boat partner. Stock up on these tips to make sure you don’t mess up on your first fishing tournament and let down your partner.


Prepare good bait.

It  is best to order or purchase your bait a few months before the fishing season to make sure you get the better batches. Live and dead baits are usually bought in advance by local anglers, so if you make a purchase a week before the season, you might leave empty-handed and disheartened.


Study the fishing spot in advance.

If you’re a rookie fisher and it’s also your first time fishing in the tournament spot, it’s best to get friendly with the locals and find out crucial information about the fishing spot, such as where the fish are usually caught and the right bait to lure them. Some spots are perfect for fly fishing, while other waters are more abundant with bass. Knowing this information can give you more edge than your rivals.


Know the tournament rules.

It pays to know your fishing tournament rules. Unlike major physical sports such as basketball and baseball, fishing tournament rules are not standardized and may often vary from case to case. Before trying your hand at competitive fishing, it is very important that you know the specific set of rules to follow, as well as the complete mechanics of the game. Bear in mind that not following the rules could lead to expensive fines, fishing club removal, and even lawsuits!


Be mindful of your role.

Choose your role according to your fishing skill set, and encourage your team to do the same. Every single member of your team should be mindful of their role when a fish comes up to the spread. If you don’t establish your roles right before the tournament, you could get lost as a team, panic, and ultimately fail in your efforts.


Invest in gear and equipment.

As in all sports, you need the right gear and equipment to ace the fishing tournament. Consider getting top-of-the-line competitive fishing equipment.



Trying your hand out on a sport for the very first time can be overwhelming, but rest assured that these fishing tournament preparation tips will ease up the process and make you more confident.

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