Playing Cricket Safely and with Confidence

Playing Cricket Safely

No matter what level of cricket you are playing it is essential that you wear protective equipment. Cricket can be a dangerous game and injuries can occur from time to time, but if you have the right protective gear then it will greatly reduce the chance of sustaining a serious injury. Protective clothing will include leg pads, a box, elbow pads, gloves and a high quality helmet.


The batsmen should wear all of this equipment to protect themselves if the ball strikes them, but it is also important that the fielding team wears protective gear. This is particularly true if they are positioned anywhere near the wicket, as often shots can be played straight at a close fielder and they will not have much time to react. It is certainly better to be safe than sorry as the ball is solid and can travel at amazing speeds. Even with protective clothing on you will sometimes see cricketers suffer a blow, but the protective equipment will dramatically reduce any impact. Wearing this equipment may feel heavy and uncomfortable at first, but over time you will get used to it and it will not have an impact on your playing abilities. In time it will also allow you to play with more confidence as you know that you are well protected.


Protecting your Head, Face and Ears


The helmet will be the most important investment to make. As with a lot of sports and activities, it is essential that you protect your head, face and ears as a lot of damage could be done to these areas. Any cricket helmet will need to meet UK and Australian helmet standard. This will consist of a hard outer shell with diffusing padding inside and extra protection around the temples. In addition, a well constructed grille and peak are also essential. For the best brands and high quality helmets you will want to shop at cricket specialists, including Talent Cricket and other similar companies. These places will carry a range of types and sizes and will all have well constructed grilles to protect the face and mouth.


Cricket can be dangerous at times, and especially for batsmen and any player positioned near the wicket. When the batsmen and close fielders wear high quality protective equipment they can have the confidence to play the game without fear of serious injury, making it fun and enjoyable for everyone involved.

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