The sports restaurants you must visit before you die


Whatever your sport, there’s nothing better than sitting back, tucking into a scrumptious dish and watching your team on the big screen.

First it was sports bars that just dealt in alcohol (and let’s be honest, they’ll never die out) and now more and more restaurants are popping it up.

It means that sports fans are well and truly spoilt for choice and if you’re in the mood to travel the country and find out some of the very best ones, let’s get cracking and list five of our favourites.

ESPN Zone, Downtown Disney

Unfortunately, sports restaurants are not for everyone. If you’re with the family, trying to find an excuse to visit one can be tricky at the best of times.

This is where ESPN Zone in Downtown Disney steps in. The main room is extravagant to say the least, and you’ll be blessed with stadium seating and huge screens all around. Some seats even have recliners – it’s like being at home.

With plenty of activities for the kids and a wide selection of gourmet burgers, this is one of the must-see restaurants for any avid sports fan.

The Hall, West Dallas

Anyone who has been to Bob’s Steak & Chop House, owned by Robert Sambol, will know exactly what we are talking about when we name this establishment on our list.

While it’s only been open a few months, this is the pinnacle for any fans of College Football. Its name actually stems from the Collage Football Hall of Fame and anyone who ventures to it will be greeted by scores of sports memorabilia. Unsurprisingly, Dallas players will make the bulk of the deco – but it’s still worthy of a visit for any sports fan.

Katy Trail Ice House, Uptown Dallas

Staying in Dallas, the Katy Trail Ice House is another favourite. This is largely comprised of a gigantic beer garden, with countless televisions being strategically placed so that all visitors can watch a slice of the action.

While the 50ft bar is always a talking-point amongst anyone who frequents here, it’s worth mentioning that there is still plenty of food available.

Sluggers World Class Sports Bar & Grill, Chicago

Any establishment which has “world class” in its name certainly has to live up to its definition – and it would be fair to say that Sluggers does that comfortably.

While the food on offer is of very high-quality, it’s not necessarily the only reason you’d find a sports enthusiast in here. There’s everything from indoor batting cages, games rooms and of course countless TVs. It’s the definition of luxury for any sports fan.

Lagasse’s Stadium, Las Vegas

Unsurprisingly, Las Vegas makes it onto our list. It arrives in the form of Lagasse’s Stadium based in the Palazzo Resort and the fact that this room is decked in theatre-style seating says it all. Furthermore, if you’re looking for all-out luxury, you can even book an elevated box. All of the seating points to a giant projector screen – allowing you to munch on the menu in style.

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