Things to Do in the UK to Feel Like a Local


The United Kingdom is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. People come here to see the famous sites like Big Ben, London Bridge and Buckingham Palace. These and other common sites have made this iconic city appreciated by travellers from all parts of the world.

When you come to London the regular places will certainly keep you entertained and amazed, but after a while or if you have been more than once, you might want to try a few new experiences, ones that make you feel like you really know the city or perhaps are even a local. Here are a few ideas to get you feeling like a Londoner net time you are in the city.

Local Culture

London has some of the world’s most visited cultural hotspots and they are scattered throughout the city. You can visit museums and galleries and lush parks that give you a sense of the tone and mood of the city. But to feel like a Londoner, you need to go deeper into the city’s culture.

One way to do this is to take an interest in the UK’s favourite sport, which also happens to be the most popular sport in the world, football. The UK has the most popular football league in the world called the English Premier League which has teams throughout the city. Whether you choose to see a Manchester United, Chelsea, Everton. Liverpool, or one of the other English Premier League teams, teams, you will get a real sense of how Londoners have fun, and have the time of your life.

Of course when you go to see a match, you have to pick a team and another UK tradition is to make a bet on that team.  Since you are not familiar with the teams or players you will need a guide to help you to get acquainted with them. The guide you need when betting on English FootbalI is provided by one of the UK’s top online betting sites called. This all inclusive site gives you all the data you need to pick a team and the tools to then place bets as well.

Local Food

The UK is known to have some of the best restaurants in Europe. Most of these restaurants offer international cuisine rather than British fare, although there are some great British restaurants as well. Although you definitely need to try some of the top restaurants in the city, you also need to sample some of the local cuisine at local eateries to really feel like a local.

You want to find great local places like M.Manze, The Golden Hind on the East End of London, or the Ginger Pig, where you can try fish and chips, pie and mash, and a full English breakfast with black pudding. And if you are really feeling brave you might even try some haggis. These English staples will have you feeling like a local and getting the true sense of what it feels like to be a Londoner.



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