Why Women Should Wear Compression Shorts During their Morning Jogs

If you’re one of the many women who like to take their run early in the morning, then you know the struggle to overcome the strain as you still have to go to work.


Morning runs are good for people who get busier as the day ends. However, it does not come without challenges.


For one, you have to get up early. Also, if you live in the side of the world where the sun rises at 6 am, then you will have to run in a dim park. Lastly, during your first week of doing morning jogs, you’ll notice a strain in your muscles, especially in your legs, which you will have to eliminate if you are to attend to your other appointments for the day. Luckily, there are ways you can reduce muscle strain; the most popular of which is wearing compression shorts.


Here’s why you should wear compression shorts for women during your morning jogs.


  1. Sustain Your Power Better

In 2003, a study was conducted with a team of volleyball players. The women were asked to wear compressions shorts. While their performance was not affected by the garment, they showed that they could sustain more of their power. Hence, they were able to play longer that they used to.


You can use this same benefit when doing your morning runs. After your regular exercise, you need not worry as you’ll still have a lot of energy left to fulfill your other daily tasks. This is especially true if you’re eaten the right number of meals throughout the day.


  1. Use Oxygen in the Muscles Better

Your muscles use oxygen as a fuel. So, the more efficient your oxygen usage is, the longer you will last. You’ll be putting less strain on your muscles as the compression shorts help make more effective muscle recruitment. In other words, you’re only directing your energy to the parts of your body that you actually use when you run.


Let’s say that you run 100 meters every morning. If you use better oxygen, you’re extending your muscles’ energy potential. Thus, you can even run further, or save up some energy after your routine.


  1. Recover Faster

Recovery is perhaps the most challenging part about morning runs. If you overdo your exercise, you’ll get sore, and this will affect the rest of your tasks for the day. You might even get to skip work. The faster you recover, the better it will be for you.


When you wear compression shorts, you’ll be able to reduce muscle swelling, which will help in easing soreness and regaining maximum joint mobility quicker.


  1. Reduce Chaffing of Skin

When you run and do other intense activities, you’ll most probably experience chaffing in your sensitive groin area. That is if you don’t wear tight garments like compression shorts. Since most compression shorts feature flat seams, there’s a lesser chance for your legs to rub and chafe.


Final Thoughts

Morning runs can be the most refreshing form of exercise. Not only will you be able to enjoy the morning air but you also get to do it in peace. You just have to wear the proper garment to fully appreciate it.



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