Women’s Soccer League Equipment


So you’ve enlisted in a women’s soccer league, but don’t know the proper womens soccer equipment you need to acquire before game day arrives. Fear no more! The list of gear needed for soccer players is rather slim and acquiring these few items will be pain free.

First on the list of required equipment are womens soccer shoes. Your local sporting goods store is sure to have a wide collection full of different designs and colors for your choosing. Be sure to ask an employee about the difference between hard and soft ground shoes so you know what to buy.

Coupled with shoes are shin guards. Much like cleats, shin guards come in a variety of colors and sizes. The longer shin guards provide for more protection, but many people prefer the smaller sized guards because of the comfort and ease of movement they provide. Visit a retailer like Soccer Garage and try on both types to see what your preference will be.

The final piece of equipment you’ll need is your womens soccer jersey which will more than likely be provided by your team or league. Your entire kit will likely include: a jersey, shorts and socks.

Before you hit the field it is important to note that many leagues have strict rules regarding the ability to wear jewelry. The majority don’t allow any jewelry whatsoever because it provides a danger to both yourself and others. That being said, it is important to familiarize yourself with your respective leagues rules.

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