The Best Of The Tour De France

Tour De France, the most awaited cycling event is finally happening. Are you ready? If you are, then you have come to the right place as you will get all the info you need about the event plus where you will get to enjoy every piece of the action.

Let’s start with a bit of background about Tour De France.

Fun facts about Tour De France

So far, this event has had a great track history as the 2020 event to commence on 29th August 2020 will be the 107th edition. This race is notably the longest in the history of cycling events. For this reason, the event happens in several stages, each having its winner.

The event has the nickname La Grande Bounce which means the big loop. This rotation route entails the cyclists riding around France in competitive mode. As they ride around France, the bikers will have lost an approximate 4000 calories per stage.

In the past, the cyclists used to drink beer to numb the pain, but that stopped in the 1960s as it was established to be a stimulant. Now they drink water and electrolytic drinks to hydrate themselves.

How to become part of the action

The great news coming your way is that Tokyvideo, a video platform will have everything uploaded. Every stage including the races plus the bits on the resting days, the highlights and everything to do with the event will be showcased on the platform.

If you are wondering how this will be possible, you will be delighted by the following:

The videos will be posted daily

Afraid to miss out on a win, or a historical event during the race? Well, fret not, everything caught on camera will be uploaded on Tokyvideo. If you missed seeing your favourite cyclist win a stage, you can search through the network and watch the action over and over.

Joining the platform is pretty easy

There is nothing complicated about hooking up Tokyvideo and getting to watch Tour De France. There are no lists to fill, no receipts to send nor long processes to wait. You simply need an email address, and a name to use for your profile and you are done! It sounds simple, and it is. So why not give it a try. And to sweeten the deal, you won’t pay a single cent to register.

You can upload your videos

Immediately you have an account; you can see everything including the 2020 Tour De France Tours videos. And an even better addition, you can upload your videos. Perhaps share with the world, how the victory of your favourite cyclist made you feel. Or you could share a video of your take on the performance of individual cyclists across all stages of the Tour De France.


The digital space just got better with Tokyvideo. All fans of cycling events, specifically the Tour De France, should be excited as they will get to enjoy every passing moment of the event. The wins, the falls and the ceremonies.

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